The River of Love by Janet Kira Lessin

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Ainaki by Francene Hart
THE RIVER OF LOVE by Janet Kira Lessin

Last night I dreamed that humanity was able to transform themselves from a warlike species to a species of love and light by meditating on water. I learned the process from this dream, so I’ll share it with you. It’s quite simple.

We start this evolutionary process on the personal level by focusing thoughts of peace and love towards every drink we drink. Love transforms the fluid whether it’s pure water or processed or artificially created drinks. By setting our intentions on all fluids consumed, we begin a chain of events that radiates out and effects all of creation. Since all fluids contain water we can effectively change all by our pure and loving intentions.

Water consumed runs through each individuals’ newly created river of love and out through their body fluids, like urine and tears, back into the Earth’s water systems through evaporation or by direct deposit into toilets that filter back to our waterways.

To ritualize the process, you may want to hike in nature and find places where you can freely urinate and give back love-influenced waters to plants and trees. It doesn’t matter where you make your deposits because waters flushed down toilets and septic systems or let go in nature, all eventually return to the air through evaporation or into other water systems down the line.

Next level is to meditate on bodies of water. Focus on the water tank in your neighborhood, or the next stream, pond, lake or ocean you encounter. Take the time to send peace, light and love out from yourself into the water. Focus on the clouds, also harbingers of water. See love spreading out all over the globe through winds and currents. Imagine love being consumed through water ingested by our brothers and sisters in far away lands. See the love that radiates out from you as the pebble in the water that eventually reaches every shore. Like seeds picked up by birds, coconuts swept along by currents, love gradually, gently envelopes every living being and transforms them without them even knowing how.

The air we breathe today is the same air that was inhaled by our ancestors. In breath, out breath, in God, out God. The cycle of air, water, love and life goes round and round, affects everyone everywhere.

Donovan wrote:

Happiness runs in a circular motion.

Thought is but a little boat upon the sea.

Everything’s part of everything anyhow.

You can be content if you let yourself be.

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  1. We are being lied to. The dark forces of evil which feed on fear, control, power, dominance and it’s ultimate control mechanism, war, keep humanity enslaved in the matrix by keeping us in the dark. The truth will set us free, all of us. Truth will overturn the Illuminati’s evil empire. They feed from fear, so they tighten control over us, create more violence, promote violent imagery over their media which they control, fearful of losing power.

    Yet it’s too late.

    Too many have become aware. Their time is over.

    I think you must have meant to say…It’s NOT too late…

    Wonderful article..I totally agree!



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