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BY Janet Kira Lessin, Professor of Tanric Studies, School of Tantra


Many women feel uncomfortable making love on their “Moon” based on cultural conditioning rather than anything else. Making love during a woman’s flow can be can be extremely pleasurable and sensuous and many women experience heightened orgasmic potential during that sacred time. Many cultures recognized the magic of creation resides in the blood women give forth in apparent harmony with the cycle of the moon which sometimes stays inside and makes a baby. Blood was regarded with reverence; has mystical magical powers, sheds without pain and is foreign to the male experience. These first sacred menstrual rites were the earliest expressions of human culture.


In Tantric Sex, making love during a woman’s Moon is special and intimate. Sacred sexual intercourse when a woman is menstruating is considered a time when her sexual energy is at its peak and the aftermath stimulates a period of increased visionary perceptions.


If your beloved should begin her period while you are making love, take some of the blood and smear it across your chest, wear it like a proud banner. Tell her how beautiful and special it is that she has begun her flow during your loving and you love the intimacy and love that represents.


In mythology it is said that when Queen Eleanore dropped her menstrual napkin while she was dancing, everyone watching became nervous. The King laughed at this and picked up the pad, belt and all and tied it around his penis telling all that they should honor the place from whence all had came; the womb. With this action he thus established a high order of distinguished knighthood to do so.


Until I met Sasha, I had not known any men who loved to make love during my moon. The onset of my period became a time of dread for me because my lovers would treat me like a pariah, and wouldn’t come near me until I was “done with that awful thing”. I felt sexually frustrated as I was especially aroused during that time. I felt embarrassed and ashamed for something over which I had no control. In some ways this negative reaction affected my self esteem, even though logically I knew there was no reason to be affected in that way.


Sasha, (and other sensitive tantric lovers) feel honored to share the intimacy of a woman’s moon. Making love when the red river flows can be extremely sensuous and erotic. With proper adoration and attention, women can be taken to levels they’ve never known before.


Now I have many additional days of sexual loving and the intimacy that comes from deep levels of connecting. My life is richer and fuller as I no longer feel any shame associated with my menstrual process. I feel as if I am healed at some core level by the loving acceptance of all of me, including my blood, by my dear husband, Sasha.

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  1. Beautiful article. I have never had an issue with making love during my period except for on the first day because my cramps would be so severe just could not handle being touched at all.

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