Club Tantra

Where Tantricas Get Tantric

Club Tantra - Tantric Couple, Double Helix - Cosmic LoversClub Tantra - Tantric Couple, Double Helix - Cosmic Lovers

Welcome to Club Tantra. We meet the first Saturday Monthly. This is one of the funnest groups we offer. We’ve hosted Club Tantra in cities all over the country.  We need 4 or more couples to make it happen.  We’re located in Maui, Hawaii so most of our couples fly in from other parts of the world.

But perhaps you can help us revive and keep  dear Club Tantra alive.

The vision is we meet once a month, typically the first Saturday of each month.  You’re required to complete a Tantra Basic 101 class with your partner. This group is for partners only.

If you have a nice venue where we can meet, ideally one with a hot tub, that would be great.  Otherwise, we’ll figure it out once we get enough interest.

If you’re interested write to us at and put “Club Tantra” in the subject header.

Details coming soon as we co-create them!

First Saturday, Monthly (most months)

Tuition: $250 per couple includes one 1-hour private session (Tantra Basic 101 for couples only) plus group class/party Saturday night.