Tantra School

Set Yourself Free

Tantra School, School of Tantra, Maui, Hawaii, USA, Teachers Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha LessinAt the School of Tantra, first, we train you to become aware of your seven chakra levels of consciousness: belonging, sensuality, empowerment, love, communication, vision and spirituality.

Then second, you learn how to help individuals, couples, groups and humanity also become aware and fully-functional at these seven Modules.

Join us. Learn, grow, evolve, become conscious. Wake up. As each of us does our part, wakes up, becomes aware and conscious, we help the planet grow, evolve, become conscious. We’re saving our own lives. It’s time. We ARE worthy.

Help humanity become the civilized civilization that we all know deep in our hearts is possible. We’ve felt it in our bones, we’ve longed for it in our souls. Now we experience it personally, inter-personally and collectively.

Come Study with us:

Individual Classes, Private Sessions or our Certification Programs

Five Levels of Certification:

Level I – Certified Tantra Practitioner (C.T.P.)

Level II – Certified Tantra Coach (C.T.C.)

Level III – Certified Tantra Lecturer (C.T.L.)

Level IV – Certified Tantra Instructor (C.T.I.)

Level V – Professor of Tantric Studies (P.T.S.)