Voice Dialogue

Honor all your subpersonalities...

Voice Dialogue - Many Subpersonalities of the SelfVOICE DIALOGUE:  BONDING, CENTERING & TRANSCENDING

Dr. Sasha Lessin and Janet Kira Lessin Teach

In this class, you learn to use Voice Dialogue to center yourself and to access, own and integrate your shadow and spiritual selves–your less known inner voices (also known as personality aspects, roles, subselves, subpersonalities, egos).

You center yourself when you hold the tension between opposed inner voices. Centered, you recognize, embrace and coordinate your protective, vulnerable, instinctual and spiritual subselves.



Learn how interactive patterns sour from unexpressed vulnerability and projection of disowned inner voices on others. Practice expressing your hidden hurts and insecurities, say how what bugs you about your friends and lovers is true of you, too. You practice using Voice Dialogue to facilitate others.

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Voice Dialogue - Reflections, Subpersonalities


Google Hangout Lecture, Skype or In-person class:

How Vulnerable, Instinctual & Primary Voice Develop; Invoking Witness & Center

Experience 1: Use the Inner Critic to Pinpoint Inner Conflicting Voices; Befriending Our Critics

Demo: The Methodology

Experience 2: Facilitating Each Other with Cue Sheet 1 “Dialogue Inner Voices, Witness & Center”


Homework Assignment *


Voice Dialogue Subpersonalities, Many Voices


Class 2 – Google Hangout Lecture, Skype or In-person class:

Draw Your Selves

Choreograph Dance of Your Inner Selves and Those of Other People

Facilitate a Partner with Class as Witness and Feedback Source



Voice Dialogue - Subpersonalities Within Us


Class 3 – Google Hangout Lecture, Skype or In-person class:

Channel Voices From Your Center

Consult Critic, Kid & Sexy Self






Class 4 – Google Hangout Lecture, Skype or In-person class:

Apreciate Pleaser & Talk to Taker Too

Constellate Inner Lover Center: Dialogue Primary, Jealous, Compersive & Child Voices




Voice Dialogue - Many Voices, Choices


Class 5 – Google Hangout Lecture, Skype or In-person class:

Invoke Inner Therapist

Resolve Transference, Empower Clients As Their Own Inner Therapists




Voice Dialogue, Many Voices, Many Subpersonalities


Class 6 – Wednesday, Google Hangout Lecture, Skype or In-person class:

Behold & Benefit from Bonding







Many Voices of our Subpersonalities Cartoon


Voice Dialogue - Many Subpersonalities, Voices, Choices, Centering


* Note: If you wish to receive credit for this class for certification, you must complete homework to the satisfaction of your Professor. You have 3 months to complete the homework. Classes will be archived and available for review after the initial class date.