Earth Needs Enlightened Leadership by Sasha Lessin, Ph. D. & Janet Kira Lessin

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Eye of Enlightenment

by Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.

It’s time for childhood’s end. Our current society’s cruel, hard, evil and disrespects consciousness. We live in the matrix, a slave-world, the “prison planet” and it’s time we wake up, realize we’re living in a nightmare and make our request to the divine, universal consciousness and the forces of love and light to set us free from this paradigm of pain.

Disease, including dying of old age, can be eliminated, now and not in some far distant time in the future. The technology’s already in place. Free energy systems already exist. Technologies exist to balance inequalities and eliminate hierarchy (which sucks). But we don’t need science, religion or magic. We have the ability within ourselves to wake up and change our DNA so we remember love and how to be truly loving to all life.

We are being lied to. The dark forces of evil which feed on fear, control, power, dominance and it’s ultimate control mechanism, war, keep humanity enslaved in the matrix by keeping us in the dark. The truth will set us free, all of us. Truth will overturn the Illuminati’s evil empire. They feed from fear, so they tighten control over us, create more violence, promote violent imagery over their media which they control, fearful of losing power. Yet it’s too late. Too many have become aware. Their time is over.

We who awaken are bigger than the polarity game of good and evil. We can gently guide all lost souls, even the Illuminate and her minions and literally love them into the light. For they too are of the light. We all come from God/Goddess/Source/Universal Consciousness We humans who are waking up are so powerful that if we become the guiding light we truly are, everyone who comes near us will be awakened just being in our presence. DNA, once activated, cascades in an array, opens up a sequence which propels us to our next, highest level of existence. Here we are conscious and aware of our long repressed abilities and also have the wisdom to use them with love.

Go within. Find yourself. Rediscover who you really are. Remember light and love. Remember Source, Creation. Wake up. Return and remember your multi-dimensional selves. Reach out. Awaken another. Remember together. Together awaken another, and so on and so forth, like one candle lighting another, until all are awake.


My husband, Sasha, wrote the following:
Earth needs enlightened leadership

I hope widespread knowledge of human origins as grafted genetic
experiments of hierarchy-obsessed, violent, greedy, desperately gold-
seeking people from Nibiru who had their slaves (us) worship them as
gods will reduce our propensity to kill each other with god on our

Maslow pointed out long ago that any enlightened person or group of
folks, if they, she or he had authority, could bring peace to all, to simultaneously
implement directives such as

“Respect, support and encourage all life and all consciousnesses,

allow longevity and immortality inherent in our activated genome,

cease hitting and give holding and honoring to kids,

allow sexual freedom for all, contraception info,

empower women’s right to say ‘no’,

destroy killing devices,

stop ‘polluting,

re-terriform Earth,”

Problem is enlightened folk seldom (exceptions: Mandala, Havel) play
the cock-on-the- dungheap politics to gain authority.

Those Carl Rogers trained know how to get people who choose to care
for each other as people, then they can always win-win compromise
issues–like they did for the Camp David Accords.

Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. sashalessin@

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    Earth Needs Enlightened Leadership by Sasha Lessin, Ph. D. & Janet Kira Lessin

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