Tantric Sex Transmission - School of Tantra
Tantra Counseling Sessions available for couples, singles and groups.

Private counseling $150/hour

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We offer the following types of counseling:

Alien Experience Integration
Alternative Lifestyle Counseling & Coaching

Bereavement Counseling
Coming Apart Therapy
Counseling Certification Programs
Childhood Regression
Couples Counseling & Relationship Enhancement
Dream Work
Existential Life Review
Gestalt Therapy
Hypnotherapy & Interactive Visualization
Holotropic Breathing
Counseling Intensives
Pastlife Regression & Future-life Progression
Personal Growth Coaching
Phone & Skype Consultations
Primal Therapy
Relationship Counseling
Spirit Releasement Therapy
Spiritual Emergence Facilitation
Tantra Coaching & Counseling
Voice Dialogue Centering
Yoga (Vini, Bija & Tantra) Instruction