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by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., Dean, School of Tantra

Tantra means weaving. Tantra means weaving all the levels of your awareness, called chakras, within you and between you and those you love. Think of chakras with your body parts––––the bottom of your torso, genitals, belly, heart, throat, brain and neocortex, parts of you aware of your security, sexuality, power, love, talk, clarity and spiritual connection. In tantra, you activate your chakras and merge energy from them with your lovers”. You and your lover together join the ocean of consciousness.***Your first chakra relates to your perineum, your needs to belong, feel safe, secure and healthy, grounded in your material and emotional existence. The tantric weaving of your base chakra and your lover’s means you help your love feel secure emotionally and financially. You encourage wellness as you eat, exercise and stretch together. Massage and touch each other all over..The second chakra relates to your sexuality and reproductive organs, your needs to feel sexual and sensual. In healing sessions involving this chakra, you release emotions and reprogram put-down attitudes. Women respond to vaginal strokes and ejaculate copious, alkaline fluid, amrita. Men learn how to pull up energy instead of ejaculating, to last longer in lovemaking and to orgasm in new ways. .For your third chakra, related to your belly, All-Chakra Tantra teaches you to take what’s yours, assert yourself appropriately. Empower each other. You explore power chakra dynamics with your lover- -how you bond (sometimes sweetly, sometimes sourly) into parental- child roles. Ram meditations help you return to sweet and centered interaction.



The meditations of the forth chakra, associate with your heart, guide you to love, cherish, support, heal and encourage yourself and your lover. You communicate feelings, cultivate sweetness, romance each other. You develop dyadic consciousness, where you identify at the same time with your beloved’s consciousness and your own as parts of a greater awareness, a two-person awareness greater than the sum of your separate identities.



Fifth chakra throat: expression. Hear each of your inner voices (subselves) tell you what they want and need. They say how they aid you, your beloved and humanity. Choose what, when and how to express (or not express) your inner voices to other people. Honor your beloved’s many voices too. Speak authentically, kindly and effectively to each other. In one throat-chakra exercise, you sanctify sex––––speak romantically of sacred sexual organs and acts.



Chakra 6, Brain: vision, intuition, intellect: Receive, share and expand visions for yourselves, each other, others you love, your community and world. As beloveds, you intuit each others thoughts and feelings, as well as those of your children, parents, friends and others. Access the messages of dream, past life, fantasy, archetype and hero-tale.***For the seventh charka, your crown, the tantric meditations we like invoke awareness of your unity with everyone and everything. Tantra helps you rise to broader perspectives of your crown chakra, yet stay aware of the wisdom of chakras 1-6. Encompass more than Thinker, Pleaser or other subselves. Expand your awareness to more than your body. Expand your perspective to even more than awareness of you and your darling, more than the awareness you share with each other and with humans, with life itself, or even with the Earth. Feel your oneness with everyone and everything everywhere at all-times. Experience unity, the seamless web of consciousness linking the manifest universe. Merge with the latent–unforrned but constantly arising-––––reality of the etacosmic void. Identify with divine play that can manifest all forms. .Chakra                  Task                                                           Chant



Enhance your health, create safety for yourself and your lovers.

Cherish your Inner Child.

Contribute to everyone’s well-being and regenerate the planet.





Delight yourself & each other sexually.

Create kids consciously.

Elevate sensuality to alleviate violence.





Empower your Center. Empower each inner voice. Empower lovers. Empower humanity




Love yourself. Love your lovers. Love all beings.





Tell truth kindly and listen with love to all your inner voices, your sweethearts & the world.





Think, intuit and envision for yourself, your beloveds & your community.





Flow energy between your crown and your beloveds’. Transcend your separate, individual self-senses.  Merge with each other, humanity, Earth and cosmos.





Laugh, Smile, Enjoy, Celebrate






Chant the sentence–like Catholic catechism (Hail Marys) and Buddist Prayer Beads–use the body as Catholics and Buddhists use beads for each chakra three times.  Complete the repetitions for the first chakra three times before you chant the second chakra’s sentence three times.  Each time you chant the sentence for a chakra. imagine you open within you a rose of the color indicated.


CHAKRA 1 (Squeeze Anal Spincter after each sentence)
Image: feel three red roses open in your perineum, your emotional vulnerability center, and tighten your anus each time you chant each of the Chakra 1 sentences below three times each.  With each sentence and red rose you produce, feel you sense of health, safety and security grow, as well as you ability to internally experience your emotions.


I create safety for myself and my lovers
I cherish my Inner Child
I contribute to everyone’s well-being and regenerate the planet



CHAKRA 2 (Pulse Genitals after each sentence)
Feel three orange roses open, one at a time in your genitals, your sensual/sexual center, and pulse your pc muscles each of the three times you chant each of the Chakra 2 sentences below.  With each sentence and orange rose you open, feel the sensuality of your genitals spread to every cell in your body.

I delight myself and my lovers
I can co-create create kids consciously

I elevate sensuality to alleviate violence




Chakra 3 (Suck belly in after each sentence)
Imagine as you say each sentence below a yellow rose opens in your diaphagm area, your power chakra.  You say each sentence three times, suck in your belly. See and feel open a yellow rose each time. Say each of these with conviction and as you do, let your sense of empowerment grow.

I empower my center
I empower each of my inner voices
I empower my lovers
I empower humanity

Chakra 4   (Place palms on heart)
Imagine opening green roses each of the three times you say each of the sentences below, that activate your love chakra and feel you ability to give and get love grow:

I love myself
I love my lovers
I love all beings


Chakra 5 (Straighten your neck after inhale)
Open three blue roses in your throat for each sentence below, which you chant thrice.  As you do, feel you sense of being able to communicate, maintain silence or sing grow.


I tell my truth kindly and listen with love to my several inner selves
I tell my truth kindly and listen with love to my lovers
I tell my truth kindly and listen with love to the world


Chakra 6 (Cradle your head, from forehead to occipit, in your hands)
Open purple roses in your vision center, from side to side and front to back as you chant each sentence below three times and feel your ability to think, intuit and envision grow with each.

I think, intuit and envision for myself
I think, intuit and envision for my lovers
I think, intuit and envision for my community


Chakra 7 (Tap your crown with your fingertips)
As you chant each of the sentences below, open three thousand-petalled lotus flowers on your crown and feel your sense of unity with all beings grow with each.

I flow energy between my crown and mylovers’
I transcend my separate, individual self-sense
I merge with lovers, humanity, Earth and cosmos



 Clown Chakra (Laugh)
Image a squirting flower on a clown’s lapel


three times say

  I Laugh, Smile, Enjoy, Celebrate


Today’s focus:


by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.


Chakra 3: Take What’s Rightfully Yours



For your third chakra, the belly chakra, learn to assert yourself appropriately.



You and your lovers empower each other. Explore power chakra dynamics with them–how you and they bond (sometimes sweetly, sometimes sourly) into parental-child roles.



Chakra 3 meditations help you return to sweet and centered interaction.



Centered in your third chakra, you can lead or follow as you choose, you needn’t compulsively boss or obey.




Take turns with a partner guiding each other through the process; do this in a place where you can emote loudly and will not be interrupted by people or devices.



Reprogram a limit to your full expression of love and enjoyment of sexuality.  Do this exercise with a partner  who reads the cues (in bold below) to you.  As Responder, you relive a time someone interferes with your loving or sexuality in a way that inhibits or fixates your sensuality, sexuality or expression of affection.  Your partner, who’ll roleplay your pusher or puller reads:



Lie on your back, eyes closed, legs apart, arms at your side.  Breathe deeply through your mouth; let your belly stick out when you breathe in, fall when you breathe out.  Make a soft “ahh” sound as you let all the air out.


Recall a time WHEN SOMEONE PUSHED you to do something sexual or romantic you weren’t ready to do or WHEN THEY HELD YOU BACK from doing something sexual or romantic you were ready to do.   About how old are you when took takes place?


Tell (and relive) the incident in the PRESENT TENSE as though it’s happening right now.


What EMOTION do you experience during this pushing or inhibiting?


What bodily sensations do you feel during this experience?


Feel that emotion now.   Sink into the feeling more deeply.   INTENSIFY it.


Imagine–perhaps unlike the situation you’ve relived,  you can express yourself safely now and tell your pusher (or puller) how you feel.  Amplify and EXPRESS yourself to the person(s) involved in the situation.


What limits, fixations, conclusions, attitudes and INNER VOICES (subpersonalities) do you develop or reinforce as a result of this experience?


How did the  fixations, conclusions, attitudes and subselves do you developed or reinforced as a result of this experience serve you then?  HOW HAVE THESE SUBSELVES AND ATTITUDES PROTECTED YOUR INNER CHILD throughout the years?


What do the interests of the subselves stimulated serve you NOWADAYS?  What do these inner voices really need?


If you were to RE-WRITE THE SCENE or situation you just relived to free you from automatically limiting yourself in situations that remind you of the one you relived just now, so you’d no longer limit your loving or sexuality as you learned to do in the situation.  How would the new scenario go?


I’ll ROLEPLAY    [say the name of the person–Mom, Dad, Lover, Rapist, etc.–involve] in the situation] but this time, I’ll act-out their part the way you rewrite the situation.  Tell me how to play the part so you get a more flexible attitude to situations that remind you of the situation you relived.


Create an AFFIRMATION–a reminder sentence–to help you remember you can choose your response to situations reminding you of the situation that imprinted you to limit yourself sexually or romantically.  Say your affirmation aloud.


Say the affirmation again, louder.  Shout it.

COMMENT on this experience. What was your experiences in the Reprogram Your Developmental Pacing exercise above?  What did you learn in your role as Sitter?  As Responder? 

Take a friend through Reprogram Yourself for Your Directions at Your Pace.  Write what your friend processed and how you facilitated her or him.


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