Chakra 6: THINK, DREAM, INTUIT, CHANNEL, ENVISION by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., Dean, School of Tantra

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Chakra 6: THINK, DREAM, INTUIT, CHANNEL, ENVISION by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., Dean, School of Tantra






The brow/third-eye chakra has two components: intellect and intuition. Humans are all psychic to some degree and by activating this chakra you open yourself to other worlds and visions. When you and your beloved join your minds and vision centers, you begin to see what they mean by the saying, “thinking is the best way to travel”.


Together, with the combined energy of your brow chakras, you’ll roam the universe and explore other dimensions of reality.


Merge completely with your lover; mind, body and soul. Combine your psychic powers, manifest and fulfill all your dreams. Let love rain down upon you, through you, envelope every molecule of your being and spread out to both of you to electrify every cell. 


Surrender completely to each other and experience your oneness. Know that the consciousness that runs through your lover is but a part of yourself. You’re becoming super-charged, the kundalini is moving. Next stop, crown chakra. Prepare to give birth to your higher selves.The sixth (brain) brain chakra shows you visions, transmits intuitions and applies your logical intellect.


Chakra 6 gifts you with visions for yourself, for people you love, for your community and for the world.
You and your beloveds intuit one another’s thoughts and feelings, as well as those of your children, parents, friends and others.


Access sixth chakra messages from your dreams, pastlives, fantasies, archetypes and hero-tales, especially as they apply to your intimate relationships.




3rd eye 1






















Sit comfortably facing a partner with whom you’ll explore your mind–the Ooo chakra. In this relating exercise, you’ll evoke your psychic abilities and archetypal understandings.


Hold your partner’’s hands, rest your foreheads together, gaze upward into each others’ eyes until, in your vision, your partner’s two eyes seem to merge together as a single eye, your partner’s third eye, so to appear.


Together, chant Ooo three times as you look upward into each other’s eyes. Imagine each Ooo tunes your psychic center. then say, these sentences to each other:


You think, intuit and envision for yourself.

You think, intuit and envision for your beloveds.

You think, intuit and envision for your community.


I think, intuit and envision for myself.

I think, intuit and envision for my beloveds.

I think, intuit and envision for my community.


Separate your heads but keep your gaze into each other’’s eyes.


Designate yourself or your partner the role of playing a psychic. If you’d your partner to enact a psychic and read you,point to yourself; if you want to read your partner, point to him or her.




If you’re going to be read (your partner’ll be the psychic giving you a reading), touch imaginary dime in your pocket.


Pyschic: identify with your psychic self, the part of you that intuits directly; the other opens her or his mind to the psychic.


Look, Psychic, past your partner’’s current face. See, in your mind’s eye, what your partner looked like as a newborn, as a child, as a young adult.


Image a pivotal childhood incident in her or his life.


Imagine your partner in a pastlife.


See your partner experience a pivotal incident in the pastlife you imagine for him or her.


Guess, if your partner developed best in the next ten years, how s/he’’d be. Tell your partner what you think about how she could be most fullfilled in a decade.


Now, Psychic, share what you imagined for your partner’’s

     pivotal childhood experience, 


     perfected future.


If you’re the partner who received the psychic’s reading, give your psychic feedback on accuracy of imagined childhood incident or situation.


Pay the imaginary dime to psychic.


Psychics: you took the dime; now paid professional psychics.
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