Adore Aphrodite: How To Really Love A Woman

How To Really Love A Woman

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This important first-level class is a vehicle for couples (with at least one female. Two females will work as well or triads with at least one female) to go deeper than they ever have before. Using techniques they learn in this class, students supersede limitations that previously kept them from true intimacy, transcendence and seeing past their skin-encapsulated selves to fully feel their oneness. . $150 per Hour – Minimum 1 hour. . Session Length 1 hour $150.00 USD1.5 hours $225.00 USD2 hours $300.00 USD2.5 hours $375.00 USD3 hours $450.00 USD . Purchase the book, click HERE. . Read more/photos, click HERE. . In this class, one person, the Devotee, enacts a tantric ceremony called Adore Aphrodite. When you embody Devotee, you adore a woman–The Goddess–at every level of her being. You make her your meditation. As Devotee, you worship her. In the culminating rite of the ceremony, you dissolve your separate self-sense in union with hers and merge with the cosmos. . You also become, in the class, her Imago parent and encourage her inner child to heal its hurts and share its vulnerability. More than just devotee and ideal parent, you enact, in Adore Aphrodite, her most attentive lover. You love and support your Goddess as the ritual unchains her from learned limits and she fully feels her ecstasy. Women often, discover their ejaculatory orgasm, and open fully to universal awareness and their Goddess self. . When you embody the Goddess, object of the Devotee’s–your beloved’s–attention, you teach your worshipper to honor, hear and heed you. Your Devotee learns to mirror, validate and empathize with you, communicate compassionately, heal your hurts, gift and touch you and stimulate your sacred sexual sector satisfactorily. . Here’s a guide for you, Devotee, to adore and nurture her more. Gift her with pleasure supreme and, if needed, space to explore memories or emotions that block her pleasure. If she has such blocks your support helps her transcend her hurts. The ceremony and the class teaches her to trust you as her healer, and claim her birthright as Goddess of Love and Delight. . Couples use this class to experience more pleasure together, to grow freer and clearer as individuals and to improve their relationship. They recognize each other as one another’s Imago–divine mirror. They understand the connectedness of their souls and how each of their personal stories are a part of the story of a larger self, a growing, increasingly delightful two-person self. . Your teachers, Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. and Janet Kira Lessin, a loving, committed, devoted couple, explicitly demonstrate and coach what they teach. Student couples have the option of studying what they learn in class side by side with the Lessins or going off privately to do their homework. . $150 per Hour – Minimum 1 hour. Session Length 1 hour $150.00 USD1.5 hours $225.00 USD2 hours $300.00 USD2.5 hours $375.00 USD3 hours $450.00...

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