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TANTRA for ALL CHAKRAS: Guide to Ecstacy, Intimacy & Whoopie

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By Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., Dean, & Janet Kira Lessin, Professor of Tantric Studies, School of Tantra   TANTRA for ALL CHAKRAS guides you through experiences that help you: * Love each other more and better * Open your energy vortexes (chakras) to each other * Share your diverse inner-voices * Learn what hurts and scares your Inner Kids * Discern when to lower your subself shields * Share vulnerability and connect with each other * Synergize your inner selves’ dance within and between you * Refine how you relate * Heal each other’s hearts * Encourage female ejaculation * Master male ejaculatory control Sample the Lessins’ tanta tips at Get TANTRA for ALL CHAKRAS at; just click THE LESSINS: HOLISTIC-LOVING GURUS SASHA ALEX LESSIN, PH.D. (U.C.L.A.) taught Sex Education in the University of Hawaii School of Medicine, Leeward Community College and the Professional School for Psychological Studies; he taught Tantra at Maui Community College, World Polyamory Association & World Tantra Association conferences and at the School of Tantra on Maui and The Phoenix Goddess Temple. He served as Director of Counseling at the Waikiki Drug Center and has counseled relationships, guided spiritual journeywork and taught tantra for over forty years. JANET KIRA LESSIN, PTS, naturally tantric, joined Sasha as his co-teacher and presenter and together they developed, All-Chakra Tantra as Janet worked through her sexual abuse traumas and learned how to facilitate others’ reprogramming....

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POLY TANTRA: POLYAMORY & TANTRA, A POTENT MIX by Janet Kira Lessin, Chief Focalizer, World Polyamory & Tantra Associations Poly-Tantra combines the best of tantra and polyamory. While polyamory and tantra are paths that each may be practiced by themselves, they go together like two peas in pod. . Tantra, also known as sacred sexuality, is an ancient high art form that means “weave”. With tantra you learn to master and weave energy in yourself and between you and your lovers. You connect deeper with your lovers. You feel your oneness with them and the world. The ability to weave energy between beloveds can prove to be essential when you decide to move beyond dyadic relating and practice polyamory. . In polyamory–loving more than one person in an honest and intimate relationship–you balance energy between two or among more than two lovers–a delicate dance. You embrace two or more people in your heart and keep them in your consciousness lest they feel left-out, hurt, abandoned. We’re all psychic and can feel it if we’re not primary in someone’s awareness. You nurture and support the Inner Children within each of your partners. . The Inner Child, the part of each of us who longs for and experiences deep, intimate connections, meets other people Inner Child to Inner Child, when you feel safe to be vulnerable. To make poly work, tune into, let yourself care about your lovers’ Inner Children; reveal your own Inner Child to them. . Ever notice how a child can play happily outside, unaffected when Mother”s busy inside washing dishes? When Mom’s keeping one eye on her child, the child seems content. But the moment the phone rings and Mom shifts her attention to her friend on the phone, the child becomes aware that Mom’s shifted her focus, and the child runs in the house demanding Mom’s attention. A similar thing happens in polyamory when you shift focus away from one lover onto another. So you need to be energetically sensitive when practicing polyamory so your lovers feel supported by your consciousness. Develop ways to stay connected with all your lovers. . Polyamory can be practiced in groups or you may encounter each of your lovers one at a time. Sometimes group love, sometimes one-on- one loving serves you best. Employ tantra and you can send energy and our each of your lovers and they can feel you whether or not you and and each of them are present in the physical space at the time you or they make love. . When you’re alone with one poly partner and apart from your other poly partner(s), you can be totally present with the one before you, while simultaneously sending love to those who are not. When you’re with one lover, phone your other lovers, the ones physically absent. Or speak of your experience as soon as possible with your absent lovers. Especially share the love you felt for them, even though they were absent while you made love with your other lover(s). . Polyamorous sexualloving in groups can be an interesting study in your humanity. Your actual experience up close and personal when your lovers love another people may differ from what you imagined you’d feel. Some feel joy when watching their lovers love one another. They feel empathy and total delight for what their lovers are experiencing. They feel compersion. Their lover’s joy is their own joy. They move into a total empathetic bond with their lovers, almost like a divine spiritual connection of oneness even though they may not actually be feeling the physical connection themselves. . USE JEALOUSY TO REPROGRAM SELF-DOUBT . Other people feel jealousy when watching their lovers. They experience insecurity, anxiety, anger, even rage. They may compare themselves to the other lovers in the group. Some put themselves down, say to themselves that another person their lover is sharing sex with is richer, better looking, brighter, smarter, thinner, prettier, bigger, smaller, they have better breasts, better penises. One woman in our group recently complained, “I hate so and so. She has better orgasms than I do.” . If you find yourself locked in comparison, you can use your upset to inspire yourself to improve yourself. If the person with whom you compare yourself negative, saying she or he’s thinner, you can lose weight. If you derogate yourself because you think your lover’s lover is richer than you, make more money. If you tell yourself the person you feel lesser than has breasts you like more than your own, learn to love your own breasts or get that breast reduction surgery you always wanted. . You can’t...

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NOT NOW, I’M ON MY MOON BY Janet Kira Lessin, Professor of Tanric Studies, School of Tantra   Many women feel uncomfortable making love on their “Moon” based on cultural conditioning rather than anything else. Making love during a woman’s flow can be can be extremely pleasurable and sensuous and many women experience heightened orgasmic potential during that sacred time. Many cultures recognized the magic of creation resides in the blood women give forth in apparent harmony with the cycle of the moon which sometimes stays inside and makes a baby. Blood was regarded with reverence; has mystical magical powers, sheds without pain and is foreign to the male experience. These first sacred menstrual rites were the earliest expressions of human culture.   In Tantric Sex, making love during a woman’s Moon is special and intimate. Sacred sexual intercourse when a woman is menstruating is considered a time when her sexual energy is at its peak and the aftermath stimulates a period of increased visionary perceptions.   If your beloved should begin her period while you are making love, take some of the blood and smear it across your chest, wear it like a proud banner. Tell her how beautiful and special it is that she has begun her flow during your loving and you love the intimacy and love that represents.   In mythology it is said that when Queen Eleanore dropped her menstrual napkin while she was dancing, everyone watching became nervous. The King laughed at this and picked up the pad, belt and all and tied it around his penis telling all that they should honor the place from whence all had came; the womb. With this action he thus established a high order of distinguished knighthood to do so.   Until I met Sasha, I had not known any men who loved to make love during my moon. The onset of my period became a time of dread for me because my lovers would treat me like a pariah, and wouldn’t come near me until I was “done with that awful thing”. I felt sexually frustrated as I was especially aroused during that time. I felt embarrassed and ashamed for something over which I had no control. In some ways this negative reaction affected my self esteem, even though logically I knew there was no reason to be affected in that way.   Sasha, (and other sensitive tantric lovers) feel honored to share the intimacy of a woman’s moon. Making love when the red river flows can be extremely sensuous and erotic. With proper adoration and attention, women can be taken to levels they’ve never known before.   Now I have many additional days of sexual loving and the intimacy that comes from deep levels of connecting. My life is richer and fuller as I no longer feel any shame associated with my menstrual process. I feel as if I am healed at some core level by the loving acceptance of all of me, including my blood, by my dear husband,...

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HOW I LOVE MY WIFE by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

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HOW I LOVE MY WIFE by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. Dean, School of Tantra For most American live-in couples, evenings end with “I’m too tired to make love”  according to NEWSWEEK. 20% of America’s couples share intercourse less than 10 times a year. This “bed death” causes relationship death.  But rejoice; the Daily Double Tantra Connects offer an alternative to weakening libido and breakups.   DAILY DOUBLE TANTRA CONNECTS   Wife Janet and I make love at least twice–usually three times– a day. We work at home and create our own schedule, so scheduling’s easy for us. We recommend you and your live-in make dates to touch souls and genitals twice daily.   3AM: I feel a gentle kiss on the lips. But then I feel tickly whiskers and hear purring and realize it’s my cat, Cleo. Cleo wants me to feed her and put her outside to pee. This accomplished, I work at my computer till 7, do yoga till 8, then make breakfast for Janet.   FOREPLAY FROM THE GETGO I start foreplay–I fix tea, toast and turkey bacon. Then, also foreplay, I hear and help her expand her dreams, twilight imaging and plans for the day. I focus on her, serve her and make her receptive to afternoon lovemaking.   About 10AM, I bike to the beach or gym, swim or lift weights, then pedal home. We eat, talk and shower for our afternoon delight-Honoring the Shakti Shrine and Embracing the Bucking Bull.   AFTERNOON DELIGHT I ask Janet if I can undress her.  I say what I admire about her body as I disrobe her. I invite her to lie on her back, touch my right palm to her heart and put her right hand on my heart. I rest my left hand on the back of her right. I say, “Put your left on my right.”   We gaze deeply into each other’s eyes.   I say, “I’m delighted to serve you, my Shakti.   I love this intimacy.  May my adoration heal hurts I and others caused you. May our hearts join.  Meet me, your devotee, at the Yoni Nadi Shrine. There, together, we transcend our separate self senses and join the cosmic dance.”   Then I ask, “What words have you to consecrate the worship I offer?”   RUB HER RIGHT   I ask if she’d like a massage; she rolls onto her belly and I gently tug her toes, rub her soles and legs, massage her fingers, palms, arms, then back and bottom. I help her turn over on her back. I keep eye-contact with her as I massage her front; first feet, hands, arms and legs. Then I glide my hands over her torso, barely brush labia and nipples and gently massage her belly.  I pull her rectus muscles from side to side and trace her ascending, transverse and descending colon clockwise. I massage her face and head. Finally, I stroke and knead the muscles inside the leg (especially the gracilis muscles, where the clitoris roots insert). I press my fingers deeply into the muscles above her pubic bone.   “May I touch your Sexual Shrine?   ” If she consents, I connect all her chakras with sacred sector energy. I rest my left hand gently on her heart and hold my right hand over her yoni (vulva).  I beam love from my eyes into her left eye. We breathe together three times, then I settle my hand gently on her mons and say, “I love you. Feel our hearts connect; energy vibrates between us. I send you love as I breathe out; inhale it.” I exhale, draw my navel back toward my spine and up, tighten my pubococcygeal and anal sphincter muscles and imagine energy fountains up my spine from tailbone, through my heart and out my right hand into her yoni.   As I inhale, I feel energy I sent her move through her heart into my left hand. My right hand stays on her yoni, my eyes stay on hers as I slowly move my left hand to her crown. “Goddess of Love, I invoke thee and invite thee to enter Janet’s crown and move through her central channel to her yoni shrine,” I say.  Then I move my left hand to Janet’s brow chakra. Successively I move my left hand to her throat, belly and rectal chakras. For each, we take three breaths, eye-gaze and connect with each other energetically.   I say, “I’d like to fondle your drapes and the skin over your pearl.”   When she says, “Oh, yes; please,” I say, Make sounds and direct me with words; give...

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