All-Chakra Tantra Ritual For Two by Sasha Lessin, Ph. D. Part I – LAM

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Tantra Couple

Tantra activates all your chakras. The chakras, summarized in the chart below, are energy centers–each with a syllable to chant–associated with your perineum, genitals, belly, heart, throat, forehead and crown. You pour energy from your chakras into a coherent river of light that spouts up your spine and meets your beloved’s light. You connect in the stream of consciousness that sweeps you both to the ocean of life.

Chakra Task Chant
Perineum Enhance your health, create safety for yourself and your beloved.  Cherish your Inner Child.  Contribute to everyone’s well-being and regenerate the planet Lam
Genitals Delight yourselves and each other sexually.  Create kids consciously.  Elevate sensuality to alleviate violence. Vam
Belly Empower your center, each of your inner voices, your lovers and humanity. Ram
Heart Love yourself, your lover and all beings. Yam
Throat Tell your truth kindly and listen with love to your selves, your sweetheart and the world. Ham
Brain Think, intuit and envision for yourself, your beloved and your community. Ooo
Crown Flow energy between your crown and your beloved’s.  Transcend your separate, individual self-senses and merge with each other, humanity, Earth and cosmos. Mmm

     Get a feel for these chakras so you can directly recognize, cherish, coordinate and integrate the chakras and consciously apply what they energize-–security, sex, power, love, talk, understanding and unity–-to enlighten yourself, your lover and the world.

Activate your chakras and facilitate the process of intrapersonal and interpersonal synergy with the ritual to follow.  You chant the Chakra Chant (Bija Mantra), an ancient Sanskrit meditation, loud and strong. You tone seven one-syllable words–lam, vam, ram, yam, ham, ooo and mmm; each activates a different chakra. Lam pumps your perineum; vam invigorates your genitals. Ram empowers your belly, yam heals your heart, ham frees your voice. Your “third eye”–forehead to occiput–vibrates with ooo, and you think and intuit at the same time. When you chant mmm, your crown opens and you unite with all you behold.

Do the ritual with a partner, if you can. If you lack a partner, do the rite before a mirror. The entire ritual takes two hours.Security Chakra (Lam): Perk Your Perineum

Sit or stand erect. Touch your perineum. Chant lam three times. After each lam you chant, squeeze your anal sphincter and see a red rose open there. In the center of the last rose you open, picture yourself healthy, serene and safe.

Face your partner or reflection. Touch your own palms together, thumbs on chest. Gaze into your partner’s or image’s eyes, bow and say, “Namaste. I honor the divine in you.” Chant lam three more times.

If you’re a woman in a man-woman pair, enact the Great Mother. If you’re in a same sex pair, one of you stand to enact the Mother. Stand before the seated partner, your devotee. Your legs are trees; your feet, roots; arms and fingers, branches and twigs. Channel Ninharsag, co-creator and lover of humanity. As this Goddess, love and accept your devotee.

Kneel next to your devotee; sandwich her or his heart in your hands. Send energy out your right hand and catch this energy and the ashes of negativity burned from her or him in your left; send what you catch into the earth to recycle.

Devotees, feel the goddess pulse nurturing energy through you, cleansing you of rancor toward particular women and women in general. Instead, appreciate the women in your life and all women. Love, accept and fully forgive your mother. Feel each hurt, anger, disappointment, separation, resentment and negative attitude toward women drain from you; muscles that held those negativities relax.

Now, Goddess, hold your devotee’s head against your belly. Devotee, become your Inner Child. Let the goddess love and nurture you. She channels the loving intentions of your birth mother, of your female lovers, of all women, of Ninhursag, of the Earth. In her arms you feel safe, secure, healthy. 
You can cry, sigh, feel high.

Goddess, whisper three times to your devotee, ” You belong.” “I’m always here for you.” “You’re safe.” 
“You’re healthy.”

Devotee, if there’s any other reprogramming reminders–sentences that enhance your sense of 
belonging and physical well-being–you’d like her to say, tell her; she’ll say them.

Stand, Goddess; help the devotee stand before you. Devotee, open your eyes into your partner’s. Reverse goddess-devotee roles.

Portray Your Perineum. Identify with your security chakra; pretend you’re it. Say what you’re like as the voice of safety, security and health. Tell what you want, why you want that and what you’d do if you ruled your person all the time. Relate how you’d run her or his lovelife, if you were in charge. If you ruled the whole world, how would you manage the survival and well-being of humanity and the planet? Say how you help your person and what you want her or him to appreciate you for. Discuss how your Inner Child and Inner Protectors–the voices most concerned with physical well-being and feeling safe–affect you.

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