Khajuraho temple. IndiaWelcome to the School of Tantra. The School of Tantra is a part of the Temple of Tantra (www.templeoftantra.org) our non-profit, 501(c)(3) tantric church, temple and ashram. We have members who live at the temple with supporting members and students from all over the world.
We exist primarily on donations and the contributions of our tantra teachers who donate time, energy and resources to maintain the temple. We are in an expansion, growing phase and need as much support as we can get from the world around us to assist in the transformation of human society to its next highest, spiritual potential. We are evolving, growing, individually, collectively, becoming enlightened in these times, which are some of the darkest times ever. Yet together, we’re passing through it all to the light and the highest ways of being in this and any other world.

Our home base is Maui, Hawaii, USA. We train tantra teachers universally via Skype, email, phone, distance learning, internet and we frequently travel where called. We can bring our Certification Program (like the one listed below), to your town.  Help us train the next generation of Tantra Teachers by becoming one yourself. Please donate, if you feel so moved, whatever you can. All donations are tax deductible and totally appreciated.

 The temples pictured on this page are incredible.  They’re so beautiful, they don’t quite look real.  Ancient tantra temples were once abundant all over India.  Most were destroyed in ancient wars.  Many remain or now have been restored or recreated.



We’d love to create beautiful tantric temples here in the US, especially Maui.  We’d create physical buildings, like the ones in India, which go back to hundreds and thousands of years to the Anunnaki Goddess Inanna, who ruled the Indus Valley.  These buildings would provide the physical foundation for our spiritual tantra teachings and give us a symbol to anchor our concepts, much like other churches and religions have around the planet.



dakshineswar-kali-temple-dakshineswar-near-kolkata-west-benTantra heals individuals, communities and the world. Tantra’s the original, most ancient spiritual practice on this planet.  It’s our original connection to Source which needs no intermediary to remember Oneness and pierce the veil.  If we come full circle with this ancient knowledge, we’ll crack the cosmic code, remember oneness, become conscious and enlightened, heal this world and save our own lives.



We focus on these principals at the School of Tantra and the Temple of Tantra.  We welcome a visit from you, in person or virtually via the internet.


For more details and to make arrangements, please contact us at:

schooloftantra@aol.com or schooloftantra@gmail.com



Tantra Certification Program – Certified Tantra Practitioner


Tantric Sex Transmission - School of Tantra

$1000 per person per Level, per week.

Taught by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. , Dean of Instruction, School of Tantra

& Janet Kira Lessin, Professor of Tantric Studies

Go to www.schooloftantra.com 808 244-4103, janetlessin@gmail.com


Tantra Couple Sitting Yab Yum in Lotus Blossom - School of TantraIn this five-day intensive Tantra School, you begin to master tantra and better relationships. Morph into tantric healers and teachers. Attendees get a 90-page Instructional Guidebook for Tantra Teachers and, if working for Completion Certification, an electronic copy of the manual for interaction with Dr. Lessin. Attend each day, and you get a Certificate of Attendance; do the homework in the next 3 months and you earn a Certification of Completion 1st Level Tantra Practitioner.



For Certification, when you complete the experiences, perform the experiments, answer (within three months) questions in the electronic guidebook that comes with the training Dr. Lessin certifies you as a Tantra Tantic Lover, entitled to put C.T.D (Certified Tantra Daka or Dakini or C.S.L.. (Certifiied Tantra Lover). School of Tantra, after your name.


Tantric Lovers Activate Crown Chakra - School of Tantra, Maui, HawaiiTo be certified as a Tantra Practitioner, Tantrica, Daka or Dakini you * master the basics of the chakra framework for your own growth and the support and growth of your lovers * establish a basic tantric yoga routine for yourself * distinguish your father and mother from your lovers * facilitate active listening and roleplaying *experience Holotropic Breathing * drop parental imprints you no longer embrace * take others though the process of freeing themselves from parental imprints you no longer embrace * practice taking others through a basic imago healing * learn how to facilitate emotional trauma release * study and teach others the basics of female and male sexual anatomy * learn how to facilitate female ejaculatory orgasm and male ejaculatory control




Level I Courses

101 Overview All-Chakra Tantra

102 Reprogram Parental Imprints

103 Mend Mom’s Mistakes When You Mate

104 Delete Dad’s Defects in Your Lovelife

105 Counsel Relationships: Listen Actively, Roleplay, Communicate Compassion

106 Manage Imagos: Heal Hurts

107 Look at The Lady’s Loves

108 Worship A Woman

109 Heed Holotropic Images

110 Dialogue Inner Voices, Witness & Center

111 Greet Yoga


In All-Chakra Tantra, you center yourself and orchestrate your chakras–inner power plants that generate security, sexuality, power, love, communication, vision, and feelings of oneness with everything and everyone. You learn a chant and a ritual that teaches you how to waken each chakra.



Parents either meet need or fail to meet your needs for love as a child in a way you directly sense. If they truely love you, they hold you and encourage you to develop in your own direction at your own pace. Explore symbolic resonances of love you lacked. Learn, for yourself and clients, how imprints rule your lives now, dictate the ecology of inner voices, dominate your bodies, project into dreams and direct spiritual aspirations. Probe imprints from conception, gestation, labor, delivery, childhood. Learn how to modify imprints to suit life today.



If Mom didn’t completely love and accept herself and others, you copied her. She couldn’t model self-love and overflowing love to others if her parents, in turn, didn’t model it. In this class you lovingly divorce her. Rise above her negative examples. Fully, get that she’ll never meet your demand to love you and ask nothing in return. You rage at how she hurt you and the crap she modeled. Then put ourselves in her place and get how her parents molded her. You empathize. You forgive her. Express love to her. As homework, you guide others to drop junk programs they got from their mothers.



If Dad didn’t completely love and accept himself and others, you copied this. Divorce Dad, rise above his negativies. Realize he’ll never love you unconditionally. Express anger, then put yourself in his place and feel how his parents imprinted him to imprint you. Finally, forgive him and tell him you love him. Take other people through this process.



Understand how genuine concern, authentic communication and active listening help you, your lovers and clients grow. Listen actively–mirror, validate and empathize with one another. Give genuine regard: paraphrase, summarize, show sympathy. Roleplay–share advanced feedback; show a partners and clients how they come across.



Imagos–inner voices–make us seek lovers who personify what you loved or hated about your Mom or Dad. Partners you facilitate in tantric counseling seek (in lovers you represent) what they loved about their caregivers. But you, as lover surrogate, also symbol what they hated about parents. The lover you represent can hurt them like their parents did. When you don’t hurt them and instead, love them, they again feel their Inner Children. They rescript themselves for interdependency rather than co-dependency.



You reconsider your lovers from days gone, then practice helping others review their previous relationships to better current relationships. You, then your clients look at the events, sexual and emotional sharing in each prior pairing. You review the developmental tasks you and they worked on in the relationship and note what you and they learned from being together. Then you see how you and they can apply what you learned to your current loves.



This class, to be experienced immediately after CTD107, is the second part of a tantric date where you listened compassionately to a woman sharing her childhood and sexual history with you. In this part of the date you honor her clitoris, lick her labia, caress her vagina with your fingers, coach catharsis, encourage her ejaculation. In the homework, you teach others how to worship women with the methods you experienced and practiced in class.



In this class you sample Dr. Stanislav Grof’s Holotropic Breathing. You breathe to music and get holos–experiences, images and insights that improve relationships. Learn the mechanics of holotropic breathing and the modules of Grof’s Master Matrix of perinatally-conditioned movement and how this technology can facilitate tantra.


Use Voice Dialogue to center yourself and to access, own and integrate your shadow and spiritual selves–your less known inner voices (also known as personality aspects, roles, subselves, subpersonalities, egos). You center yourself when you hold the tension between opposed inner voices. Centered, you recognize, embrace and coordinate your protective, vulnerable, instinctual and spiritual subselves. Learn how interactive patterns sour from unexpressed vulnerability and projection of disowned inner voices on others. Practice expressing your hidden hurts and insecurities, say how what bugs you about your friends and lovers is true of you, too. You practice using Voice Dialogue to facilitate others.



Learn to love the look, feel and abilities of your body and your lovers’ for terrific tantric sex and learn how to facilitate clients’ body explorations. For yourself, lovers and clients, you learn how to listen to the voices of the body, to feel your physique, its history, needs and voices that affect tantric sex. Lessons in this course include a gestalt encounter with the body seen in a mirror and a visit to the body’s inside, using an mini-avatar.



Chakra Yoga stretches, strengthens and centers you. It opens each of your energy centers so you feel safe, sexy, empowered, loving, communicative, clear and connected to your beloved and the world. You combine safe postures adapted to your physical condition with precise breathing techniques, subtle spine movements and uplifting visualization to bridge the spiritual and the physical within you, inspire and ground you. Yoga moves, breathing and inner holds tune up your chakras and their corresponding aspects of consciousness. All the chakras’ energies flow through your central channel, your inner flute. Then you’re ready for a flute duet with your beloved and for a symphony of all souls. You share yoga basics with clients.

Info, Registration: 808 244-4103 schooloftantra@aol.com, janetlessin@gmail.com

Please donate. Your donations are tax deductible. The Temple of Tantra is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.