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with Dr. Sasha Lessin and Janet Lessin, authors of ‘Tantra for All Chakras”, “Teach Lovers Tantra” & “How to Really Love a Woman”   In this show, hear Dr. Patti Taylor talks to Dr. Sasha Lessin and his wife, Janet Lessin, about All-Chakra Tantra.   The Lessins are the founders of the School of Tantra in Maui, Hawaii, where they teach people to make love with their whole being, and to unblock any and all stuck places that get in the way of intimacy, personal power and full orgasmic presence.   Learn what the chakras mean, and how to use them to create a beautiful lovemaking ceremony.   Experience for yourself a dynamic process that Sasha and Janet use to generate connection using the seven chakras to send shivers of delight up your spine! You can feel the energy while listening, and better yet, also reproduce this in your own home with the handout the Lessins give.   Then, tune in as Sasha gives Janet a reenactment of a full ejaculatory orgasm.  Sasha very specifically goes stroke by stroke over exactly how he evokes every little nuance and pleasure from Janet’s clit and “cave”, as well as creating her “gushing” over the edge. You will get lots of specific ideas.   Janet’s commentaries on the emotional impact of Sasha’s touches, and her vulnerability, are priceless, as are both of their spoken words to one another.   Learn the kind of work the Lessins do to help others with issues such as sexual healing and emotional blocks to sex in their private counseling. This show models how easily true expanded love can be made! Plus, find out how they connect their work to planetary healing.   Learn how to love this way; read paperback, “’Tantra for All Chakras,” available at (

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