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For internet radio show, Tantra’s What Rich Thinks, click *** REVIEW WHAT SHE LEARNED WITH LOVERS by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. ***         Say you’d like to guide her through the cues for her to review her lovelife, what she learned from it, and how what she learned can apply to your relationship with her.         [Giver reads bold print to female receiver] *** Say: Lie on your back. Relax. Put my left hand on your heart, my right on your second chakra (genitals). Rest your hands atop mine. Close your eyes. Ok, let’s release our hands; lower them. Feel your genitals–your sexual chakra; notice your heart, your love chakra. Reconsider your lovers from days gone. Say their names, I write them. [For each lover on her list so she focuses on each, say:] Lover 1 Lover 2 Lover 3 Lover 4 *** LOVER 1 Relate the YEARS you were involved with [Lover 1’s name]. How old were you then?[Write years your age next to the name indicated] Say the main EVENTS in this relationship. [Take notes next to the name she indicated] Describe your EMOTIONS with [Lover 1’s name] Tell me how you and [Lover 1’s name] related SEXUALLY. Tell the DEVELOPMENTAL TASKS YOU COMPLETED with[Lover 1]. Imagine [name] stands before you. Toward him or her, express your LONGINGS, what you wished you could have shared with him or her. Express to [name] any WITHHELD FEELINGS, things you didn’t get to say. Tell [name] your RESENTMENTS. As you imagine [name] before you, tell him or her your DEMANDS–what you wanted and needed from him or her . Say, to [Lover 1], your APPRECIATIONS. Say what you REGRET. Tell[name] what you FORGIVE him or her for … Tell [ name] WHAT YOU LEARNED from being together. FORGIVE YOURSELF aloud for not doing better. Bid him or her FAREWELL. How, if you had it to do over, would you DO BETTER in the relationship with[name]? How can you apply what you could do better with [name] to your relationship with me? *** LOVER 2 Imagine [Lover 2: Say his or her name] sits before you. Toward him or her, express your LONGINGS, what you wished you could have shared with him or her. Express toward [Lover 2] any WITHHELD FEELINGS, things you didn’t get to say fully. Tell him or her your RESENTMENTS. As you imagine she or he before you, tell him or her your DEMANDS, what you wanted from him or her. Say, to him or her, your APPRECIATIONS. Tell him or her what you REGRET. Say what you FORGIVE him or her for. Tell [Lover 2] WHAT YOU LEARNED when you enacted him or her. FORGIVE YOURSELF aloud for not doing better. Bid him or her FAREWELL. How, if you had it to do over, would you DO BETTER when you related to [Lover 2: Say his or her name]? How can you apply what you would have improved with that lover to how you relate with me? *** For each lover on her list, repeat the questions above. Find out the years she involved herself with each lover. Note her age while she and each lover related. Tell her to review each relationship’s key events. Ask her what emotions and sexual behaviors she and each lover shared. Ask her what developmental tasks she completed in each relationship. Encourage her to express longings, withheld feelings, resentments, demands, appreciations and regrets for each lover. Let her say what she learned from each. Ask her to express forgiveness to lovers she resented. Invite her to say, “Goodbye” and cut emotional cords with each to the degree she desires. Tell her to say what she’d improve were she to redo the relationship, now that she thought more about it. Ask her how she can apply what she’d do better in each past relationship to how she relates to you...

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REALLY LOVE A WOMAN: STROKE HER SACRED SECTOR- Internet radio show & article

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For the internet RADIO show, click For the article, excerpted from the Lessins’ paperback, How to Really Love a Woman by Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin For relevent anantomical drawings, click *** Tell your Receiver, “Relax on your back, Sweetheart. Breathe deeply. “Let me gaze into your eyes. “If you like, I’ll massage, then kiss your genital drapes and the valence over your pearl.” If she says yes, say, “Make sounds and direct me with words; give me feedback while I lick and stroke.” Lightly stroke her outer labia. Gently roll her clitoral hood around the clitoral crown; but don’t directly stimulate the crown yet. When her outer vaginal lips swell, revealing the inner lips, softly trace circles, spirals, horizonals, verticals, diagonals, and figure-eights on them with your fingers. Alternate long, short, inventive, sensitive and playful strokes. Lightly tap, knead and pinch the hood and labia ten or fifteen minutes. When the inner labia also become quite swollen with blood, say, “Would you like me to polish your pearl?” (pearl = clitoral crown). If yes, honor her yoni with your mouth and tongue. Blow on her genitals. Plant baby kisses on her clitoris. Twill your tongue round the crown and lick her labia. Lap softly into her yoni as you continue gazing into her eyes. Salivate generously; lubricate the orifice. After twenty to thirty minutes honoring her yoni, say, “I’d like to enter your sacred cave with this (right ring) finger.” If she agrees, lick your finger so it’s quite moist (or use an internal lubricant like Probe or neem oil). Place the tip of your ring finger pad just inside her vaginal opening. Say, “Pull my finger in.” When you feel her vaginal muscles pulsing on your finger, let her pull your finger into her cave. Curl your finger pad inside her yoni toward her navel then back toward her inner legs, so it rests gently against her sacred sector. Breathe together and keep your hand still for ten deep breaths while you imagine that your finger lovingly reaches inside her to her heart. Begin a light “come here” motion with your ring finger; let the pad of your finger caress the tissue that covers the sacred sector. Slowly and softly trace, in thirty to forty strokes, the inner surface of the top and upper front of her cave from cervix toward the top of her cave’s opening. Then, for forty strokes or so, turn your wrist from side to side. Trace a crescent over the sacred sector with your finger pad. Sweep (turn your wrist from up to down) the left half of her cave. Slowly skim the front of your right ring finger from the cave roof to its floor and outside door. Remove your right ring finger and insert your left ring finger inside her yoni. With your left ring finger, stroke the right half of the yoni roof. After a few minutes, change your position to ease your back and neck. Withdraw your left ring finger from her cave, and put your right ring finger back in. Rub, tap, and touch all over inside her cave. Stroke different levels of pressure, depths, speeds and rhythms. Trace the throbbing veins and, deeper, arteries. Press gently to the bone in each part of her cave. After fifteen minutes, say, “Would you like me to pet you with two fingers inside?” If she consents, curl the underside of your right middle and ring fingers together along the roof-beam of her yoni. Move your finger and down the transom over the door and out the yoni, with a “come here” motion. Then focus your fingers inside her on her sacred sector. You can feel it through the inner vaginal wall, between the wall and the pubic bone, above the orifice. The sacred sector may feel like a bean-sized lump that may grow to silver-dollar size as you stroke it. Or there may be no distinctive lump of tissue, just a generalized sensual area around the urethral sponge. Initially, when her sacred sector’s stimulated, she may think–though she’s just emptied her bladder–she needs to urinate. Let her try to do so until no urine comes out. Unite your fingers through her lower abdomen. Press your left hand down on her lower belly just above the pubic bone. Feel her sacred sector swell between these fingers on her abdomen and those in her vagina. Move your head from side to side; alternate stretching out on your belly with drawing your knees under you to prevent back and neck pain. Either pain can distract you from your role as Giver. Your Receiver may...

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